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Hands Off! (Split EP with The Shifty Grifts)

by Jet8

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Sixty Pounds 04:16
No, wait, you’re not going anywhere You could, grow up and ruin our plan We do, everything just for your good Look at the mirror, you’re so fat, that’s what they say Still a little one when they put you in the front of this fashion train of death They were watching every gram of weight you’ve ever gained Forbade you to eat and go outside, not to choose the path you’d like Even though she was rising up in fame, the rules were insane. REF: Everybody knows, she is falling down Everybody knows, but no one helps her out Everybody knows, but no one even tries Everybody knows, everybody! No, wait, you’re not going anywhere You could grow up and ruin our plan We do, everything just for your good Look at the mirror, you’re so fat, that’s what they say Revealed to the bone you’re marching in the front, of those icons of pretense Walking here and there with great applause, but you can barely stand Sixty pounds of weight, they clap their hands, cause they paid the entrance Yeah, when greed outgrows the brain, ain’t no way back REF: In front of their eyes… Your life belongs to you, so keep it fucking close Cause It`ll be too late once they‘ve stolen it to use Your life is only yours, so never lose control Your decisions, Your future Your choice, Your privilege
Rise Up 02:54
Fuck your god, only I decide, who goes in and out, of my fucking body Not the government, full of hypocrites, fully patronized, by the Christian lobby It’s not the church, it’s not the state, I own myself, and my wisdom So, fuck your pride, It’s not a crime, our dignity means our freedom REF: Rise up, don`t be afraid, fight for your faith Rise up, and shout that anger out Rise up, don`t be afraid, and fight the hate Rise up, shout your stand out loud Fuck your god, only I decide, my identity, and who I'm dating No traditions, macho principles, nor inquisition like the middle ages You’re way too far, to think we will, lower our heads and tolerate it Covered mouth, can’t stop our rights, you crossed the line so we’re ready REF:
No matter what you’re thinking Your reign’s not gonna last We’ll forge a new reality You’re a relic of the past Revolution polka On your dead body You say that I’m no-one But together we’re somebody We’ve got a lot of lamp posts A lot of ropes For the barons and the popes Spirits freed from fiscal cages When you swing we dance my friend Your gasoline burns and so will you The secret cipher spells your doom Long we lived under the brutes Rip the weeds with their roots Arise O man the kingdom’s yours The king’s drowning in wine And from his dead bones, we just might Make us a new shrine We’ll bury the rich and piss on their graves We’ll sign satan saves Who’s gonna miss them Maybe their kids But they’re spoiled cunts anyway Anyway Terry R. Wrist Kill the rich Terry R. Wrist Kill the rich We’ll take down your walls And burn your house down And from the ashes of your corpses Build us a new world We’ll take over your fortress Built from our sweat and tears The never-ending struggle It ends right here
Hypnotized me And used me And drained me Sacrificed me - I was a corporate offering Liberated - I’m not a fucking victim So you’re on the dole They gave you the boot Murder is wrong Unless they’re wearing a suit Corporate lifestyle’s not for you That meager wage just won’t do I am the superior I own this place Draining the peasant - I have the say I’m the laborer and I got the fucking bomb And explosions are my favorite song 15 years been building this shit for you The sadness, the debt, the hunger We raised your thrones We gave our lives to you The hunger, the rent, the hate Let us eat bills, rubbish, and dirt Trickle down’s another scam Somewhere there’s utopia waiting Or I’ll be damned Falling asleep with implanted dreams I’m myself, you don’t own me Liberated - I don’t listen no more To my master's voice Under the spell of profit seduction We gave up our means of production Cubicle slave for the company Or a sweating drone in a factory One sewered link tears the whole chain down The unshackled rowers make the captain drown Do not submit to your captor's demands They’re making money off of your hands
You're so cool, you're so pretty The day I brought you home from the city I knew I wasn't wasting my time Skankin our way from the dumpster to the grave I was a teenage anarchist cresting a new wave Listening to the Victim and hating yer state You made me rest, you made me strong And I can't stop playing you all night long You're the one who brings me the light Thank you for the reggae sound Call it Madness but I'm found With the Maytals on my mind The Pressure drops The Pressure drops Give me that drum Give me that bass Give me the music Take me out of this place Give me that righteous rebel message Sing about my dreams Shout about my pain You are the one still keeping me sane Bring me back hope and give me courage No Sir, I won't, I listen to the Crass Were Brewing some Mischief And dancing to The Clash Defiance in Ohio We share what we got You took me up, you brought me back And I cant wait to hear another track With this baby, ain't no reason to die Then Roky came from outer space And Im no longer INDK With Jaya to soothe my heart I'm fucking in love Endless track This is my family This Loop-troop rocked my destiny Comeback kid brought the energy To Rise Against all authorities


Split EP with The Shifty Grifts


released July 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Jet8 Prague, Czech Republic

Punk/HC/Skacore from Prague since 2005


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